About Us

Who We Are

ProtoCare and its Concierge Care solution strengthen health care ptactices' ability to provide better, more cost-effective care for those with chronic, and remote patients. Using targeted engagement and CentressConnect technology, Concierge Care offers full service implementations – designed, deployed, and marketed under one roof – to help health care professionals connect with patients at every point along the continuum of care.

Our Core Values

Human Responsive

Even the latest and greatest technology, when used alone, cannot persuade a population to be engaged. ProtoCare is committed to designing responsive, interactive technology that focuses on the patient, not the device, for a uniquely personalized experience.

Always Improving

We are continuously improving our Concierge Care methodology and algorithms to combat the issues standing in the way of providing patients with the best care. Using our ProtoCare platform, providers can collect patient information such as demographics, reimbursement information, and medical conditions to provide a unique engagement experience. Integrate our API with practice EMR or EHR system for improved program effectiveness.